Our long-term plan is to enable foreign universities to establish a connection with schools in their similar domain in India by facilitating the following.

Engaging Indian Educational Instituions

Cultural Exchange Programs

Cultural exchange programs are a nice way to connect with a global community who share the same passion. These programs expose students to people from different cultural, geographic, religious and socio-economic backgrounds and provide opportunities to develop a greater understanding of diversity both in their home country and the visiting country.

We understand the need of both students and institutions and hence facilitate exchange programs to enable all participants to have distinctive experiences beyond their own communities. These programs mostly help in making the decision-making process easy for those aspiring to pursue education abroad as they focus on developing the knowledge and skills needed for participation in a multi-cultural society.

The cultural exchange programs we devise are packed with both learning and entertainment. Our plans include equal time allotted for working on something which the students, want to while they are in a new country; along with experiencing the food and culture of the place.
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Student Exchange Programs

It is a proven fact that international student exchange programs increase the students’ chances of employability as their learning and knowledge propels them towards acceptance and understanding of an array of different cultural and community perspectives.

Keeping in mind, the emerging demands of education abroad for students and also the need of universities aiming at creating a multi-cultural and diverse environment for students vising their campuses; we devise and facilitate student exchange programs for varied courses based on the requirements of the institutions.

Choosing the right university and choosing the right candidates for the exchange programs is a challenge and a laborious process for both students as well as institutions. We make that happen!.
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On-Campus Engagement

We help educational institutions to get associated with the best schools who send significant number of students abroad. Making these connections is not easy and it’s even tougher to plan an effective event. Creative Aspirations can plan that for you.

MoU Facilitation & Execution

MoU’s are a great way for educational institutions to stimulate and facilitate the development of collaborative and mutually beneficial programs which serve to enhance the intellectual life and cultural development on both campuses, and to contribute to increased international cooperation.

At Creative Aspirations, we make sure MoUs are pragmatic and in the interest of both parties. So, we constantly follow up and guide with the entire process.
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Academic Collaboration

At Creative Aspirations, we believe that continuous learning is a constant that enriches when people share their knowledge with others. There are a lot of great opportunities especially in the field of media and arts education where people can share different perspectives and research together.The difficulty is in finding the right match of people to collaborate. This match needs to happen at the institutional level but just as importantly, at the department level. Our relationships with our Indian partners is very strong to get you to that level and make real progress. ... More Less

Institutional Support

Support setting up facilities in India

With our expertise in having handled reputed media education institutes from end-to-end, we know exactly what works and what doesn’t. So, we do provide guidance and also act as consultants for universities abroad if they intend to set-up their facilities in India.

Educational workshops & seminars

Students and their parents need the right information when they are looking for educational options abroad. They are often misled by rumors or bad consultants looking for a quick payday. Creative Aspirations provides honest information for students on everything from focused workshops (on how to apply to universities) to general seminars on education all over the world.

International Exposure

It’s incredibly important that students gain international exposure to develop themselves. We can work with you to bring our international partners to your campus for conferences, lectures, seminars and workshops.

International Program Development

Educational Summer Programs & Tours

Bringing students to campus is just about the best way to get them to enroll. More and more Indian students are looking to travel abroad to get international experience. Developing the right programs and tours can elevate your brand to the next level. At Creative Aspirations, we help you design, market and execute the same.

Academic Showcase

It’s one thing to say that you are a great place to study, it’s another to show them. Having faculty visit schools to do workshops and seminars highlights the quality education you provide. We can get you into the right media and art schools and, just as importantly, help you to capitalize on the interest you generate.

Alumni Network Development & Utilization

Students always want to meet alumni to hear about their experience. If you have a lot of alumni in-country, we can help you develop an active network and direct them towards your recruitment goals. We can help you organize networking events to recognize the best alumni as it’s a great way to keep the momentum going.

Collaborative Productions

Tie-up with NGO’s for Production

Our experience says that collaborative media and art projects bring out a change and impact the people involved as well as the society around them in a big way.

With our wide array of network, we have been successful in facilitating tie-ups for students to execute their documentary projects with few NGO’s here in India.

We also have a wide network of technical team spread across major Indian cities to help with projects happening in India.