Any student aspiring to go abroad has to go through the following steps:

Profile Analysis

We look at your academics, testing and extracurricular activities through the lens of a university admissions committee. We then discuss your strengths and weaknesses so you can formulate your next moves. If you’re having trouble deciding which direction to go, we can help with career counselling and aptitude testing giving you more information to make better decisions.

Action Plan

Once you know your direction, you need a plan. We help you set goals and objectives for building your profile. We also help you come up with a strategy for selecting countries, universities, courses and the budget. This comprehensive, actionable plan, puts you on the right path to achieve your goals and the university admissions you want.

College / University Shortlisting

Selecting the right university and the right college is all about fit. Once your profile begins to crystalize, we provide you with options that match your career aspirations and your profile. We are experts in creative education and will help you to understand the various options that you can choose from regarding the universities that match your interests and budget.

Application Development

Each university wants different documents and essays for their application. It gets quite complicated. And it’s not just about paperwork. You need a narrative that brings together your profile and highlights your strengths. We identify what your narrative is and work with you to make sure it is reflected in every part of your application.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Everyone loves a good scholarship. While we help you sort out the best options for your budget during the shortlisting, the actual scholarship application process can be quite tricky. From understanding the paperwork to applying for fellowships and teaching assistantships; we give you a full picture of the process and enable you to attract the best offers possible.

University Interviews

Universities often require an interview to get to know you better. We help you understand what they really want to know about you and what questions they may ask. We then work together to develop key points you want to convey and tips on how to deliver them. Its all about creating a meaningful interaction with the interviewer.

Admission Decisions and Visa Interviews

Once the admission letters arrive, we help you weigh the pro's and con's as objectively as possible so you can select the program that best matches your education and career objectives. We then guide you through the enrolment process and application. We also assist with visa applications and interview preparations.

Cross-cultural Grooming

A benefit to studying abroad is the opportunity to discover oneself while gaining an understanding of a different culture. Being in a new place can be overwhelming at times. Our cross- cultural grooming sessions give you an insight into the culture that you will be a part of so that you are better prepared when you arrive.

Admission Guidance

Our Personalized Career Guidance helps you to discover your full potential. Our team helps you overcome your confusion and identify a career path that aligns with your aspirations.

What you'll learn
  • Master the basic concepts of Blockchain and understand why it is a technological revolution
  • Build a technical intuition of how the computer science of Blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum works
  • Empower you to make informed decisions in the Blockchain world and critically reflect on news in the space

The Step Up

You get information regarding Careers, Colleges, Entrance Exams from 10+ countries.
Where to apply
How to apply
Application review
What you'll learn
  • How to replicate professional digital photography with your iPhone.
  • How to take stunning photos by utilizing shot composition.
  • How to optimize iPhone settings for taking the best photos.

The Smart You

Make your way to a top university right after your high school/college with the help of our personalised guidance
The Step Up
University review
LoRs & SoP
Visa guidance
What you'll learn
  • Understand the basics of endocrine health, and how different factors affect it
  • Hack diet, exercise, and daily habits to dramatically improve testosterone
  • Naturally and safely improve motivation, mood, strength, physical health, and more using the body

The Big Picture

We make sure your application stands out with the learning experiences we create to enhance your working knowledge in the field of your choice before you move onto explore / pursue it abroad
The Smart You +
Presentation skills
Cross Cultural

Additional Services

Each student is unique with their own talent and strengths. Along with our admissions packages, we have additional tailor -made services to meet the needs of each student. Whether it’s exploring a creative interest or developing an advanced skill under a mentor, we are here to help you build a profile that will impress any admissions committee.

Academic Advantage

It’s never too early to start preparing for an education abroad. For selective universities you need to show your talent in and out of the classroom over a sustained period of time. This includes your extra-curricular and co-curricular activities that showcase you as a well-rounded student.

Starting as early as 9th grade, we help you develop a strategy that will highlight your strengths and put your best in front of the admissions committee. Of course, there are a lot of standardized tests that are required and we help you schedule them, so that for you to prepare and do well.

Aptitude Testing

Choosing a career for your child isn't as simple as being an engineer or a doctor. There are amazing and lucrative careers in just about every profession. In a globally competitive world, it’s good to know what your child's strengths are and where they need to improve.

Aptitude testing looks at natural skills, interests and personality to help students understand who they are and how to maximize their potential. We then work with you to find career paths that match your profile and areas of study that will help you succeed.

Creative Mentoring

Developing the skills to match your creative passion takes time. You need someone who can guide you and teach you new styles, techniques and concepts that help you explore your potential. Our mentors are skilled teachers who are well respected for their experience and knowledge within their field of expertise.

Whether you want to just explore a creative area of interest, or if you want to really master the skills that will give you an advantage in the application process; you will have to take support from our mentors and Creative Aspirations to make that happen.

Portfolio Development

Portfolios are a great way to showcase your creative talent, not just talking about them. From a beginner to a more advanced student, who wants to showcase their strong technical skills; developing a portfolio with the right selection of pieces can make a huge difference in the admission process.

Our mentors will help you curate your portfolio and come up with the right combination of pieces which the admissions committee needs to evaluate regarding your talent. It’s a lot of hard work, but with your passion and expert guidance from our mentors, you will be able to create a portfolio that you will be proud of.


Internships are an excellent way to learn about the real-life scenarios and build competence in your chosen field. You learn fast and gain experience that admissions committee like to see.

We work with our internship partners to facilitate a meaningful and goal driven experience. We also make sure the internship is a good fit for you and matches your other strategic “big picture” goals. We then check in with both sides along the way to make sure we are hitting our targets and you are engaged in the experience.

Cross-cultural Grooming

It can be a challenge to adjust to a new cultural environment when you are also focussing on starting your studies. We assist you in making that transition easier.

Communication Skills – We help you learn the techniques and tricks of connecting with classmates and faculty in and out of the classroom.

Cultural Navigating – When learning about a new culture and sharing yours, it's good to know how to do it appropriately.

Campus Life – Living abroad on campus can be a new world for many. We give you an idea of what to expect and how to prepare for it.